Muli bwanji? Muli wuli? How are you? Bonjour? Ni hao?

There are so many things that we usually take for granted like how you get to work every day and greet your co-workers in English or how you meet a new person and you automatically speak to them in English. Well, humor me this, I was reading an article online the other day, apparently a Francophone (French Speaking) was in a meeting with another Francophone but were conversing in English. Like how is that possible? One would expect that automatically these two would speak French right? To make matters worse, they only realized that they were both French after the meeting!

What is my point here you ask? Most of us are so stuck in things of this world that we forget our heritage. This person in the story decided to greet his colleagues in French one day, and he was surprised at how many Francophones were at his office.

Where are you from? What language do you speak? When was the last time you spoke to someone in your first language? It’s unfortunate that most of our local languages are dying. They are being forgotten. Keep your heritage going, greet someone in your language today.  

I will start: “Mwatandala wuli?” Means “Mwaswera bwanji” or “ How are you this afternoon” Keep this going. Tell us where you are from and what language you speak. Make it fun by commenting how you greet each other!

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