Portuguese is sixth most spoken language in the world, next to Arabic, Chinese, and English and spoken by over 230 million people. It is one of the main romance languages, derived from Latin of the 6th and the 9th centuries. Portuguese is the mother language of Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, Brazil, and Cape Verde, among other countries.

Many people are now learning Portuguese in order to be able to communicate with natives easily, and also to be able to do business in all these countries. Considering the fact that eight countries count it as their official language, knowing Portuguese can be a major asset when travelling or working in these regions.

With this in mind, Languages Training & Consultancy solutions is offering Portuguese courses at low prices, which include exercises for reading, writing, listening, and pronunciations. The lessons are flexible and can be adjusted to the pace of the student.

At LTCS, we use a communicative method with excellent results and enjoy supporting and motivating students to achieve their objectives and ambitions. Flexible and fun, each lesson has been prepared by experts in Portuguese, and they are designed to provide the best knowledge in a fun and exciting manner.

Compared to other means of learning Portuguese language here in Malawi, LTCS offers many added facilities to help the student learn the language faster. LTCS has a variety of tools and resources to improve your Portuguese language skills. Give us a call on 01 774 616 or 0885313 000 to learn more about our Evening classes, Lunch hour session and weekend sessions.

For Registration & bookings, email us on or find us in City Centre Lilongwe, NASRA Building opposite TAMA Building and New Finance Bank.

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