When speaking a new language matters!

When you are surrounded by people who are speaking a language you cannot understand, the normal reaction is feeling out of place but to a curious mind that is not the case. Curious people will ask themselves questions, Are these people really communicating? Can I be able to learn this language? Where can I learn this language?

Well it does not stop there, curious people will do anything until they find a way to learn. Because of their curiosity they are able to open new opportunities, their Curiosity makes them smarter and better.

The good news to all curious minds is that Languages Training and Consultancy solutions have the answers to those three questions. At Language training and consultancy solutions we offer more than 10 languages. Some of the languages offered are French, Chinese, Swahili, Japanese, German, Spanish, Chichewa, English and Yao.

We offer one on one classes and also group classes, our prices are very affordable and our trainers will go to any length to make sure you learn that language you want. That is not all we also offer other services like conference interpretation and modern interpretation equipment, document translation and editing and also transcription services.

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