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Mana Online -Malawi News AgencyFebruary 8, 2016 ·


With the aim of providing reliable link to the world’s connections, Languages Training and Consultancy Solutions (LTCS) has added a foreign languages training to their menu.

LTCS Marketing Manager, Mercy Mbundungu told Malawi News Agency that diversity is key in the global world and learning foreign languages will make Malawians marketable globally.

She said LTCS is the official company in the business and offers languages training in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese and Italian among others.

“This training will help authorities increase communication network where other languages apart from English are used and will help reduce unemployment rate in the country.

“We want to help Malawians seize their long overdue opportunities to be able to work anywhere in the world. This will also be of great service for people travelling to foreign countries for school as they would have already learned the native language,” she said.

Mbundungu encouraged government to consider introducing foreign languages in the school curriculum as it would help boost the tourism industry in the country because Malawians would be comfortable communicating with tourists in their own language of comfort.

Besides language training, LTCS also offers document translation in multiple languages, multilingual transcription, conference interpretation, video and telephone interpreting services.

“Our work has been tested and proven to be efficient and result oriented by United Nations agencies, European Union, African Union, government ministries and departments among others.

“Do not be deceived by hiring people because they speak the language, are acquainted to you or cheap. Go for quality services,” Mbundungu said.

LTCS started as a consultancy and has graduated over 60 students in various foreign languages. The trainings are done at beginners, intermediary and advanced levels for children, adults and the corporate world.

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