Foreign language; Luck or dedication?

Have you ever come across some people who seem to know almost every language you’ve ever wanted to learn? I have and it’s really inspiring to see them switch from one language to another. At first I thought that such people were so gifted to be able to speak 4 language or more but are they really gifted or talented? Or maybe they are just hardworking people who are open minded to learning a new language.

I believe that learning a foreign language is possible for everyone; thus including you and me. All it takes is willingness, work and method. If you do it the right way, you can learn a language fluently in less than a year with a help of a professional trainer.

Many are the times when you hear that “some people are gifted for languages”, as if they have tongues of fire. That’s not true, some people may have had the luck of speaking 2 or more languages at home and thus learning them without realizing it, but I know that any reasonably intelligent man can learn a foreign language if he employs effort to it.

That is why I signed up for French lessons at Languages training & Consultancy Solutions. Even though the journey was not easy, but speaking a foreign language with my fellow students really motivated me. With the high expertise of LTCS I was able to master a basic knowledge in French within a short period of time. Through the experience, I was able to see how each language is almost the same with the other. Adding to that, it was really amazing to learn a new culture contrary to mine.

Why I am saying all this, you may wonder. Well learning a second language really changes people’s lives. A new language opens doors to plenty opportunities and it adds some sense into your life. It is true that you can never understand one language until you understand at least two as Geoffrey Williams puts it.

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