It is always incredible and life changing to be a part of something big; as in something that has the potential of saving people’s lives. Languages training and Consultancy Solutions (LTCS) is taking part in the Regional Cholera Strategy Technical Working Group meeting hosted by the African Union through its interpretation services.  English, French and Portuguese are the main languages being translated at this workshop. With participants from Zambia, Namibia, Mozambique,and Malawi just to mention a few; LTCS is bridging in to sort out the language barrier.

Being a registered Consultancy firm under the Malawi Company Regulations Cap, 46:02: LTCS has over five years of experience in Document translation, conference and teleconference interpretation services, modern interpretation equipment, language training and cross cultural training for languages offered among other services; is yet again qualified for this kind of set up.
Over the years, LTCS has worked with UNDP, ESCOM, UNHCR, MACRA, U.S ARMY, COMESA, UNAIDS, MDF and other reputable organizations.
LTCS was registered to provide you with quality and outstanding services. Do not hesitate to call us when there is a need for our services, we are here for you.
For more information call us on + (2645) 1774 616, you can also text us on WhatsApp on 0885 313 000 or email us at

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