Are you interested in learning new languages? Languages training and Consultancy Solutions is here for you. At languages training we teach more than 12 languages some of these languages include Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Swahili, German, English, Yao, Chichewa and Tumbuka.

We take our Work seriously and we go to any length to make sure that our customers are given maximum quality service and their busy schedules are carefully considered when setting up classes.  May be you were worried about time, if you can make it for classes due to work and other commitments and also about required qualification. Do not worry every aspect that can make you miss out are carefully looked into to give you the best experience you can get and the best news is you do not need any qualification to learn a language. What is needed is your desire to learn.

We are pleased to inform you that a French group class will start tomorrow the 25th of September and we would love to have you register for this class among other classes that are available. Languages training and consultancy solutions is offering you an opportunity of a life time, to be able to communicate with people you never thought you would communicate with and giving you a competitive advantage against your fellow candidates when looking for employment.

Do not be left out, let languages training and Consultancy Solutions connect you to the world’s conversation. For further clarifications call us on +265(0) 774 616, you can also send us an email at


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