Languages training and consultancy solutions made it happen again by successfully providing interpretation and equipment services in the just ended two-day international conference for Association of National Olympic Committee (Anoca). About 150 delegates from 54 African countries gathered in Lilongwe for that conference.

LTCS provided Conference Interpretation services to bridge the communication gap between the delegates. Apart from providing qualified french interpreters, we also provided with them the latest Bosh Equipment to further on assist in making their conversation recommendable and fruitful.

Our  conference specialists  and interpreters were working with the committee each step of the way by providing pre-conference planning and on-site support.

So why not choose us as well for you conference? We have all the requirements to assist you to come up with a high quality and international conference. We can provide the wireless interpretation equipment and receivers needed for up to 1,000 participants, as well as tabletop and full-size interpretation booths, portable equipment and technical support.

Our pool of interpreters  have been trained to provide accurate interpretation and very conversant with diverse jargons and not limited to medical, legal, political, environmental, gender and many other domains.



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